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A moment of spiritual enlightenment in the 1970s transformed a Devonshire man called Clive from ordinary bloke to animal loving plant pie-oneer. Vouching to do right by all living creatures, he dedicated himself to making amazing pies purely from plants.

Now that he’s retired, Clive’s is no longer one person, but all of us, proud to share his original vision and can-do attitude.

Focusing purely on the power of plants we’ve evolved Clive’s into a range of pies, tarts and roasts that are 100% vegan and organic. And we wanted everyone to join in. So we focused on creating free-from food that tasted incredible.

All our products are made at our bakery in beautiful Devon, in small batches. This is the only way we can give the right care and attention to every ingredient, recipe, pie, tart and roast.

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Plant-based and Principled

all organic and grown without chemicals?
100% recyclable packing?
locally sourced where possible?
sustainable farming methods used?

Yep, here at Clive’s we are ticking all the planetary boxes.

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We like to do things the right way, with a seal of approval from the industry experts.
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palm oil - rspo certified

As our pastry is vegan, we don’t use animal fats to bind our dough. Our options are currently palm, avocado or coconut oil. Of the three, palm oil is actually the most efficient to produce and puts the least strain on land and resources. Until we can find an alternative, we will use the most ethical and sustainable palm oil possible, certified to the highest standard by the RSPO. This means it is fully traceable and is grown on assigned land that will not cause any further deforestation. You can find out more about our use of sustainable palm oil here.

Our supplier of palm oil is the Daabon Group in Colombia and they were globally recognised as one of the most sustainable and ethical in their palm practices as per SPOTT’s ESG Policy Transparency Assessment:

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organic - soil association verified

All our products meet high organic standards all the way through their food supply chain, from field to fork. Being certified organic also means our food is 100% GMO and preservative free.

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salsa accreditation

When you buy Clive’s you buy safe in the knowledge that our food safety standards have the thumbs up from the industry body as well as local trading standards and environmental health officers.

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vegan society approved

All our products proudly display the vegan trademark as they are free from animal-derived ingredients, show absolutely no cross-contamination during production, are GMO-free and are never tested on animals.

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small footprint

We keep our environmental impact low through:

  • Local sourcing of ingredients
  • Recycling tins, cardboard, plastic, film and vegetable peelings
  • Using 100% recyclable packaging
  • Using a heat recovery unit to heat hot water using the waste heat generated from our chillers and freezers.

pie charts – the future is plant shaped

We’re excited about the great changes eating a plant-based diet can bring to our planet. Here are just a few snapshots of the difference you can make by going plant-based.

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1 in 3 Brits have stopped or reduced their meat consumption

Source -
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more than a quarter of all evening meals in the uk are vegan or vegetarian

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“avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth"

Source - Oxford University 2018 Study
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If every family in the UK removed the meat from just one meal a week, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 16 million cars off the road

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