Clive’s Joins the VFC Foods Family

Posted - 10th October 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Clive’s Purely Plants is joining the VFC Foods family! This exciting development marks a significant moment for our brand Clive’s Purely Plants, at the forefront of crafting irresistible vegan pies, quiches, and nut roasts since 1986. Our journey has been one of dedication to quality, flavour, as well as our mission to remove animals from the food chain. We’ve had the privilege of working with many small independent businesses and wholesalers as well as earning a place on the shelves of major retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado, Asda, and Abel & Cole, thanks to your support and love for our premium, veg-packed products.

In the past two years, under the leadership of our Managing Director, Esther Pearson, Clive’s has experienced remarkable growth within the grocery retail and food service sectors. Back in 2019, we made a strategic move with an initial investment of £1.2 million, which went towards expanding our factory premises, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, and strengthening our resources. The result? A staggering YOY total sales growth of 47%. But to keep up this pace, we knew we needed further support and investment.

That’s where VFC Foods comes in. We couldn’t be more excited to have found a like-minded partner in them to help us navigate this period of accelerated growth. Rest assured, our commitment to you, our valued customers, remains unwavering. We will continue to provide the same high standards of customer service and, most importantly, the same delicious products that you’ve come to love.

As part of this new chapter, Clive’s will operate as a subsidiary of VFC Foods, with full support from our existing team. Importantly, Esther will continue to be a shareholder at Clive’s, ensuring continuity and a deep connection to our roots and values.

Dave Sparrow, Group CEO, is equally excited about this partnership. He has witnessed Clive’s impressive growth under Esther’s leadership and shares our enthusiasm for the future. Dave states, “Consumers are increasingly seeking diverse options in the plant-based aisle, including high-quality vegetable-based products. Clive’s perfectly complements our portfolio and enhances our ability to meet this growing demand.”

With both Clive’s Purely Plants and VFC Foods known for their innovation and dedication to plant-based goodness, this partnership promises to bring more exciting plant-powered progress to the vegan aisle.

Thank you for being a part of the Clive’s family, and here’s to a future filled with even more delicious and sustainable plant-based options!


Q1: Why is Clive’s Purely Plants partnering with VFC Foods Ltd? A1: Clive’s Purely Plants is partnering with VFC Foods Ltd in a strategic move to strengthen its position in the plant-based food market. This partnership will allow Clive’s to maintain the accelerated growth levels currently being experienced in the retail sector as well as benefiting from VFC Foods’ expertise and resources.  It will also open up new possibilities for innovation and increased production capacity.  

Q2: Will there be any changes in leadership or to the team at Clive’s Purely Plants? A2: No, there will be no changes in leadership or to the existing team. Esther Pearson, the current Managing Director of Clive’s, will continue to lead the brand under VFC Foods’ ownership. Esther and the team’s dedication to maintaining Clive’s high standards remains unchanged. 

Q3: What will change for Clive’s customers as a result of this partnership? A3: There will be no change for Clive’s customers as a result of this partnership. We are committed to maintaining business as usual with all exisiting customers and ensuring that we uphold our excellent standards of customer service in all areas. 

Q4: Will Clive’s products still be available in the same stores? A4: Yes, Clive’s products will continue to be available in the same stores where you currently find them, including Waitrose, Ocado, Asda, Abel & Cole and all the same independent retailers. Our partnership with VFC Foods aims to enhance our presence in these outlets and potentially expand to new ones. Check out our online pie finder to find your closest stockist.  

Q5: Will Clive’s products maintain their quality and taste? A5: Absolutely. Clive’s Purely Plants is dedicated to upholding the quality and taste that our customers know and love. We aim to continue producing the same premium, artisanal products in small batches that have earned us awards and your loyalty. 

Q6: Are there any new products or changes on the horizon? A6: While we can’t reveal specifics at this time, our partnership with VFC Foods Ltd does create opportunities for innovation and new product development. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we explore ways to cater to the evolving needs of our customers in the plant-based food market. 

Q7: How can customers stay informed about developments in this partnership? A7: Customers can stay informed by following Clive’s Purely Plants and VFC Foods Ltd on their respective websites and social media channels. We will also continue to communicate with customers through our regular channels, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on any exciting developments. 

Q8: Is there anything else customers should know about this partnership? A8: We want our customers to know that our commitment to delivering delicious, high-quality, and sustainable plant-based products remains unwavering. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and are dedicated to serving our customers’ needs as we move forward together.