Where to buy.

Our amazing range of

Organic Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian foods

Clive’s delicious pies (vegan, gluten free and vegetarian ranges) pots, cakes and dips are available to buy both on the High Street and from a number of online stores.  And look out for a new tarts - deliciously vegan and gluten free.

Local Independent Stores.

Fresh and frozen Clive’s Pies and other items from our range are sold in health food shops, fine food retailers and organic shops across the country. Check out your local independent shops, and even if they don’t stock them, they are normally very willing to place a special order from one of our wholesalers. If you can’t find them, please get in touch.

Holland & Barrett.

Most Holland & Barrett stores stock our special frozen twin-pack Gluten Free Pies that we have created just for them, for you to bake fresh at home. Try our delicious range of Leek and Mushroom, Three Bean Chilli and Saag Aloo Curry Pies.

Spinneys Dubai

You will find a range of our Gluten Free Pies at Spinneys supermarkets in Dubai, UAE.

Buy Online.

Buying our delicious products online is easy. Choose your supplier; check they will deliver to your postcode, and stock up with our yummy pies (some have minimum order).

Shop at OCADO.

Here you will find all our delicious gluten free range; Clive’s Pies, Cakes, Houmous  and Pot of ...., and also Clive's classic wholewheat Pies too. These will be delivered to you fresh.
Visit Ocado site.

Shop at Abel & Cole.

Abel & Cole stock a range of our gluten free pies, classic (wholewheat pies), our Clive's Pot of .....  and our new vegan tarts and nut roast. All delivered to you fresh in your box order.

Visit Abel & Cole site 

Shop at Goodness Direct.

Goodness stocks most of our range; Gluten Free and Wholewheat Vegan Pies, Large Cutting Cakes and, Soya Roll. These will be delivered to you frozen.
Visit Goodness Direct site

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